Family law cases require special consideration, insight and adequate preparation. Very often they involve large, irreversible changes in personal life. Often the personal involvement of the parties, accompanying emotions and stress, make it impossible to assess the situation correctly. For this reason, in such cases it is recommended to use the services of a professional attorney. Only well-chosen litigation strategy, supported by professional knowledge, will allow to achieve the expected results in the form of properly conducted proceedings.

Within the scope of its services, the Law Firm provides comprehensive qualified legal assistance in the following areas:

  • alimony cases, i.e.: to establish alimony, to increase alimony, to reduce alimony, as well as in cases for the annulment of the obligation to maintain,
  • cases concerning deprivation or limitation of parental authority,
  • cases concerning the establishment of contact with a minor child, modification of contact and prohibition of contact, the threat of an order to pay a fine for failure to comply with the order on contact,
  • adoption cases,
  • cases concerning custody and guardianship,
  • guardianship cases,
  • child origin cases, including judicial determination of paternity, denial of paternity, annulment of acknowledgment of a child,
  • cases concerning the court’s consent to perform a legal act, e.g. consent to reject an inheritance on behalf of a minor, consent to submit a passport application, etc.
  • cases concerning crimes against the family,
  • proceedings in juvenile matters (demoralization of minors)

Proceedings before the family court

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