The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in proceedings before courts of all instances, and before the Supreme Court in cases:

  • civil cases (inter alia: contract claims, indemnities, property disputes over the division of property, over the return of expenses, cases for the declaration of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division, over the opening and announcement of a will, cases for a retention of title, cases for abolition of co-ownership, cases for the acquisitive prescription of real estate, cases for demarcation, cases for obliging the donor to make a declaration of will to return a gift, cases to determine the separation of property, other disputes involving real estate and movable property, proceedings involving the infringement of personal rights, cases involving copyright protection)
  • economic (disputes between entrepreneurs of all kinds, labor law cases, enforcement of monetary claims both on the side of the debtor and the creditor)
  • family (cases concerning contact establishment, alimony (increase of alimony, reduction of alimony, termination of the obligation to provide alimony), cases for deprivation of parental authority or limitation of parental authority, cases concerning alternate guardianship, cases concerning adoption, cases concerning guardianship and guardianship, cases for incapacitation and appointment of a guardian, cases for determination of paternity, denial of paternity, annulment of acknowledgment of a child, cases in the field of the Court’s consent to a legal action (substitute consent);
  • Criminal cases (also economic criminal cases, fiscal criminal cases), both in the course of preparatory proceedings before the law enforcement agencies and at the court stage, as well as in misdemeanor cases and cases concerning demoralisation of minors. We represent both the accused/defendant and the victim.

We conduct a legal analysis of the facts, and then prepare an appropriate action strategy, which we implement at the court stage.


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