As specialists experienced in court battles, we are aware that court trials often last several years. In order to achieve optimal legal solutions, which can often be worked out before the first court date, we offer our clients the assistance of mediators, with whom we cooperate closely. Thanks to appropriate preparation for the court process, including the preparation of appropriate contracts and agreements, the court proceedings may last shorter and without the necessity to conduct extensive evidence proceedings. In particular, without bearing the burden of emotions over a longer period of time. Close cooperation between our Law Firm and Mediators allows us, as attorneys-at-law providing comprehensive services for your cases, to effectively achieve the result in the form of appropriate legal solutions in a short period of time. Meetings with mediators can take place with or without the presence of attorneys-at-law, however, any legal solutions that will result from mediation will be tailored to your needs. In such cases, the court process may be shortened to the issues where you will not find a common solution.


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