In the area of cooperation with individual clients, we develop strategies to protect their interests to the fullest extent, and then proceed with litigation representation both before the Court and before the law enforcement agencies.

The Law Firm has extensive experience in conducting divorce and separation cases. Our lawyers successfully provide legal assistance in highly complex family situations, requiring a high degree of commitment both in terms of creating appropriate legal solutions and in terms of representation during the trial, which often requires extensive evidentiary proceedings. In the course of divorce or separation proceedings, our Law Office undertakes activities aimed at a comprehensive regulation of the issues concerning parental authority, alimony, contact with minors or alternate custody, also through representation in protective proceedings aimed at regulating the situation of minors for the duration of the trial. In parallel to divorce or separation cases, we take action aimed at resolving disputed property issues and, to this extent, we represent you in proceedings for the establishment of marital property separation and subsequently in cases for the division of marital matrimonial property and for the reimbursement of outlays. We make attempts to settle the matter amicably, aiming at concluding a settlement. We formulate parenting plans and marriage agreements in the event of divorce or separation pronouncement by the Court.

We also represent in guardianship cases and the appointment of a legal guardian for an incapacitated person.

Cases of divorce separation incapacitation

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