The Law Office assists its Clients in pursuing their claims for compensation in a professional and reliable manner. High substantive and ethical standards in force in the Law Firm give our clients the guarantee of working out the best legal solutions for them in a fair manner, which directly translates into the amount of damages won. The scope of cases conducted by us includes pursuing claims for, among others:

  • personal injury (compensation and reparation in connection with a traffic accident)
  • Property damage (compensation for a motor vehicle, total loss and partial loss)
  • medical malpractice
  • accidents at work

In each case the audit of the case is performed on the basis of the facts and supplied documents, which makes the rules of cooperation with Clients from the very beginning very clear for both sides. It is also very important that at the request of the Client, the Office conducts cases in a comprehensive manner. According to the wishes of the Clients, not only the process of claiming damages but also criminal cases related to the claimed damages are conducted.

Cases for compensation and redress

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